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"22 Profound Life Secrets that you can’t afford to live without."

First limited edition run of 700 (500 standard, 200 professional) will be signed by the artist.

10 years in the making, the Watersprite Tarot are handpainted in watercolour and digitally unaltered. In fact some of the cards were repainted up to 6 times each, before the 'right' energy was captured. This is a traditional set of tarot cards based on the original iconography and symbolism which originated thousands of years ago. The continuity of human nature attests to the relevance of the cards to the modern world.

Decks include 78 + 1 cards inside a sturdy box and come in two sizes: standard size cards 12 x 7 cm and professional reader size 14.5 x 8.5 cms. All artwork (c) Alison McDonald. Box allows room for crystals or wrapping.

About Alison Muir McDonald

“I started my working life as a Community Psychologist employed by the government in rural NSW. I ended up spending quite a few years creating The Watersprite Tarot - how this quantum leap in perspective occured is a mystery to me. Having no formal art training behind me, it has initially been a long and arduous process to design and illustrate the cards, especially trying to master the craft of watercolour. However it has also been a journey of great joy and discovery. To me the most impotant aspects of the cards are symbology, colour, mood and energy. I think the archetypal symbols of the tarot are universal and fixed in history.” Alison Muir McDonald.

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