Watersprite Tarot Book


The book of The Watersprite Tarot provides insightful guidelines for the reading of any Tarot deck. It converts the imagery and symbolism of the cards into a readily understood interpretation of their meanings which both the nove and the professional will find relevant and useful.
The book is further enhanced by the adoption of the contemporary psychological perspective. It includes a comprehensive and detailed explanation of all of the unique variables and complexities of the human condition depicted in each of the seventy nine cards and gives answers to every issue that may arise in life with erudition and clarity.
In keeping with the traditions of the original Tarot decks, The Watersprite Tarot used to illustrate this book has been elaborately and colourfully hand painted in watercolour by the author. A. Muir McDonald. The fact that the artist insisted the paintings be reproduced in their original condition with no technological intervention gives them their unique power and energy.
The mystery of the Tarot has been unveiled by A. Muir McDonald who has brought the iconography of the Tarot cards and their meanings in the twenty first century.

About Alison Muir McDonald

“I started my working life as a Community Psychologist employed by the government in rural NSW. I ended up spending quite a few years creating The Watersprite Tarot - how this quantum leap in perspective occured is a mystery to me. Having no formal art training behind me, it has initially been a long and arduous process to design and illustrate the cards, especially trying to master the craft of watercolour. However it has also been a journey of great joy and discovery. To me the most impotant aspects of the cards are symbology, colour, mood and energy. I think the archetypal symbols of the tarot are universal and fixed in history.” Alison Muir McDonald.

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